Jeff Staple is the founder of Staple Design is considered a scholar in the sneaker game. He takes you on a tour of the most deluxe and luxurious burger spots in New Jersey.You are going to lose your mind if you're hungry when you watch this, the burgers are mouthwateringly juicy.


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1 year 12 months ago
Imagine if George Washington, Steven Seagal, Matthew Perry in a post-"Friends" prescription pill spiral and all the members of Cypress Hill gangbanged Barbara Streisand at a warehouse rave and put a baby inside her. That baby would be Fabrizio Goldstein, The Fat Jew. He is known by many names: Jewther Vandross, Jewlio Iglesias, Jewy Vuitton, Jewsan Sarandon, The King of Brunch, yet he only stands for one thing: Awesome sh*t that's f*cking awesome. Actor. Writer. Plus Size Model. Horseback Riding Enthusiast. Welcome to his world.


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2 years 6 months ago

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